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Benefits of Membership

What does your Chamber Membership
do for your buisness?


It keeps you informed.

The so-called “information explosion” has hit business hard. There’s just so much new information that it’s impossible to keep up. Health care. Taxes. New federal and state regulations. Business trends. Of course not all of this information is vital to your business… but a great deal of it is. And you can’t afford to spend 40 hours a week deciding which is which. That’s where the Chamber comes in. We function as a clearing house for information that’s important to local business. Through newsletters, seminars, special mailings, and our network events, we get the word out to our members in an efficient, timely manner.

It gives you a voice.

A single voice crying in the wilderness might have been effective in Biblical times, but in today’s rapidly-changing business landscape, there’s more truth to the old adage about “strength in numbers.” As a Chamber member, your concerns are our concerns, and we’ll use every bit of political muscle we have to make sure our members’ concerns are addressed in the proper forum. When the Chamber speaks, people listen. And we speak for you.

It protects your interests.

Because the Chamber maintains and nurtures its relationships with town and state officials, legislators, and other pro business legislation, regulatory initiatives, and development plans. Based on our knowledge of what’s best for our member businesses, we’re often in a position to offer early criticisms and recommendations, before the decision-making process becomes politicized. Many times, working “behind the scenes” lets the Chamber achieve some very impressive results that significantly benefit one – or all five hundred plus – of our member companies.

It improves your community.

If your business is a work of art, then your community is the frame that shows it off. The Chamber knows that good citizenship is good business. So we’re the synergistic focal point for Manchester business’ interaction with the community. We maintain liaison with town government, service agencies, and other area non-profits to make sure that Manchester’s business resources are effectively utilized to benefit every segment of the town’s population. We encourage our members to get involved in community-based programs. We sponsor candidate debates and legislator forums to encourage citizen participation in local government and local issues. All this and much, much more; anything we can do to help make Manchester an even better place to live, work, and do business.

It helps you grow.

As a Chamber member, your name quickly becomes known to a wider circle of customers. Thanks to promotion vehicles like our Deskbook Directory, Town map, newsletter and email blasts, Grand Openings, business receptions and events, newspaper ads, and our on-going Buy Local Program, your business is recognized as a solid local citizen offering quality products and/or services at a fair price.

Just as important, though, are the other Chamber business people you’ll get to know. Lawyers, bankers, marketing consultants, real estate, insurance and construction professionals, contractors, personnel agencies, financial advisors, security specialists, printers, cleaning and maintenance services, truck dealers… let’s just say that being a Chamber of Commerce member is like having a relative in the business… in every business!

Find out more.

If you are currently operating a business in the Greater Manchester area, or thinking of opening one, give the Chamber a call at (860) 646-2223. We’ll get back to you with complete information on Chamber membership. And if you’re a former or current Chamber member that’s never taken full advantage of all the GMCC has to offer area businesses, we want to hear from you as well. Call us for ideas on how to get the most from your Chamber membership.

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